Delivery Prices

UK Shipping Destinations

Exact shipping rates for your order are shown after entering your delivery destination. However, approximate shipping rates are shown below:

UK Shipping & Packing Rates : Royal Mail

  • Large Letter (under 25mm thick) up to 750g = £2.50 (plus VAT)
  • Parcel 0.00 - 1.70kg = £4.49 (plus VAT)
  • Parcel 1.70 - 2.00kg = £5.49 (plus VAT)
  • Items heavier than 2kg but under 1.2m in length are usually dispatched by next day courier at £7.99 (plus VAT)
  • Items longer than 1.2m are dispatched by next day courier at £12.50 (plus VAT)

International Shipping Destinations

  • Shipping rates are determined by the weight, volume & value of your order.
  • Please contact Smart Tune if you would like a quote for international shipping.
  • If you have placed an order without obtaining a quote for international shipping, we will email you a shipping price. If you are not happy with the quote we will cancel your order and refund your payment.

Import Duties

  • Import duties may be payable on orders shipped outside of the UK. Please contact your local revenue or tax office for advice.

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