Smart Roadster Coloured End Cap / Indicator & Wiper Switch Covers (Pair)

Smart Roadster coloured end caps for the wiper and indicator stalk ends.

Change the colour/brighten up the interior of your Roadster with these quality little plastic coloured end caps that cover the end of the wiper and headlight stalksoggle switches.

The top row of caps in the image include the black and silver grey colours that match the roadster instrument cluster trim. The remaining colours are there for your choice and will fit perfectly, but originally they match the interior of the fortwo up to 2007. The bottom row match the fortwo 2007 - 2014, but still fit the Roadster exactly the same, just that the colours wont match the instrument cluster trim already in your Roadster.

Colours from left to right..

  • Top row - Roadster & Fortwo up to 2007 matching colours (450) - Silver Grey, Tomato Red, Royal Blue (no longer available), Matt Black Metallic.
  • Bottom row - Fortwo 2007 - 2014 matching colours (451) - Platinum Grey, Cherry Red Metallic, Champagne Remix, Caviar Black Gloss.

Easy to fit - each cap has tiny ridges on the inside to clip on - simply pull off / un-clip the old ones and clip on the new.

Genuine Smart item.

Will fit ALL Smart Roadster and Roadster coupes.





Silver Grey£4.79 In stock
Tomato Red£4.79 In stock
Matt Black Metallic£4.79 In stock
Platinum Grey£4.79 In stock
Cherry Red Metallic£4.79 In stock
Champagne Remix£4.79 In stock
Caviar Black Gloss£4.79 In stock

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Smart Roadster Coloured End Cap / Indicator & Wiper Switch Covers (Pair)